A Sheltie's Poem

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"The Boy" A Sheltie's Poem

By Ryker


Proud Scottish blood runs through my veins,

From weathered isles with driving rains,

Cross moor and hill, rock and glen

After wily sheep aiding kilted men.

Their heritage I show with pride,

Competing proud, Lady by my side.

Obedience, Agility and Conformation,

Tried herding once, forgot to mention.

Can handle it all for I'm no toy.

Then Lord and Lady, they had THE BOY!


The bundled tyke was small and sweet,

I thought as I gently kissed his feet.

Wants made known through cry and wail.

The little dear would tug my tail.

But tiny wails they turned to bawls.

Oh look, he sits oh no, he crawls.

Oh dear Lady what has he done?

"Just wait," she said, "He'll soon be one."


From appointed duty I shall not balk,

He pulled up on my fur and now can walk.

Across the yard he'd stumble and bump,

Through Agility stuff hey! That's MY jump!

Scoots down the steps and into the hall.

To float toy boats in the water bowl.

Through spinach and peas this job I'll do.

"Just wait," said Lady, "For he'll be two."


Canine and feline friends from him they hid.

My ancestors handled sheep this is just one kid!

So he toddles and waddles

He feeds me bottles

He chortles and laughs he's really quite cute

With my charge I'll be no brute.

What is two? - Seemed so far away,

But I blinked my eyes and came that day.


After the time with the grooming box,

Lady now keeps it under locks.

My sable coat a stunning hue!

He has finger paints now I'm a blue.

And that lovely bowl from which I nibble.

Hey that kid, he's in my kibble!

M'Lord and Lady must that monster we keep?

What's that I hear, he's finally asleep?


Oh look, see there, in his comfy bed,

So tiny and innocent as he rests his head.

I forgot the time he made me cry,

When that flashlight he shone in my sleeping eye.

In this room so quiet and hush,

Slipped my mind when my teeth he did brush.

I lean my head on M'Lady's knee.

"Just wait," she whispers, "He'll soon be three."

 as dictated to Karen Peak



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