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As our litter May 23, 2011 litter is growing, you may see pictures from the litter Ravyn was from below.   To see Ravyn's litter and how they grew up, either click on puppies or here.

On October 10, 2007 Claire had her litter. There are seven pups, five girls and two boys. All are blues (three girls and one boy) and tris (two girls and one boy), they may or may not be bifactored and most appear to be white factored. The pups were sired by Am/Can Dury Voe Wintergreen, and whelped in MI.


These pups go back to a Ben littermate and Claire's side (Ventura Masquerade)

Click here to see their pedigree.


Above are group pictures of the pups at two and eight weeks of age.

The litter has many virtues and Beth will be growing three out.  Below are the pups being kept at Will O'Wisp.  Cynthia took the Blue Boy and Karen took a blue female who was originally thought to be a Color Headed White - but her color just was taking time to grow in.  More pictures of those staying also be seen here.


Puppies at 4 months

With Beth




Chilly - Growing out more - Will O'Wisp Winter Night - has one UKC Ch win at the Premier!



Holly - Growing out more - Will O'Wisp Winterberry


Raisin - Reg name pending Will O'Wisp Ice Storm

*****  Raisin was placed in a potential performance home as of August '08 *****


With Cynthia

Jack - Will O'Wisp Winter Frost


With Karen

Ravyn - Will O'Wisp Winter Storm


Pups at 8.5 weeks.

"Jack" - Blue Boy - staying with Cynthia - he does have neck - just hidden in fuzz

Will O'Wisp Winter Frost


Ravyn - blue girl  - went to Karen over Christmas break.

 Will O'Wisp Winter Storm


As of these pictures, Beth was trying to decide what pup she is going to keep

Blue Girl - stayed with Beth - "Holly"


Tri Boy - stayed with Beth - "Chilly"


Blue Girl - "Clara" - PLACED - now Missy - Will O'Wisp Winter Melody - she is in a home with a future in Obedience, pet therapy and maybe Agility.



Claire, 9 months

Growing up with her brothers

This is Claire at three and four weeks of age. She is the only girl in a litter of three from a lovely gal we leased/temporarily co owned by Cynthia.  She was born just after Thanksgiving (2005).  Her sire is our Chase.

 Claire and littermate Clipper at six weeks.

This is Claire at about 7 wks

This is Clipper at 7 wks.  He is headed to Ventura Shelties in NH. Sadly, he went big and is now in an Agility focused home that will be able to use this pup's many potential talents! He is tearing up the Agility course, is titled and starting herding!


This is Duncan who is in a lovely pet home.




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