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Karen has been hard at work creating videos for Sheltie clubs and the family.  Here is what she has worked on, posted on You Tube as well as the websites she has created the videos for.  If you look, you will see some of the family dogs in the educational videos.

During a server migration some of the video links mave have been lost - we are working on fixing any broken links, etc...


This was the first video done by Karen Peak who is Will O'Wisp's webmaster and webmaster for three Sheltie Clubs.

Dogs 101 Shetland Sheepdog Episode


Sheltie Educational Video for Blue Ridge Shetland Sheepdog Club


Shelties in the United Kennel Club


Is a Sheltie for Me? Granite State Shetland Sheepdog Club


Connor showing Foster in his first AKC show


Sarah in Sub Juniors with D'Argo


Embarrasing Mom


Capitol Terrier Assoc. March 1, 2009







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