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"Am/Can Ch. Will O'Wisp The Storm Front, CGC"

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Cody was breeder/owner/handled to both his American and Canadian Champion titles by Cynthia Webster. This is the dog Will O' Wisp worked to achieve. Cody is a tri-factored sable with a sweet expression and nice movement. Cody is retired from showing and breeding.  However, he sometimes enjoys a run around the Veteran's ring. The above picture was at the GSSSC's Specialty, June 14, 2008. Cody was 16 in March of '09.

American Wins for Champion Title (not a full list)

Newtown KC, 02/25/95, 3 pts under Dolores Schmidt

Merrimack Valley KC, 01/12/97, 2 pts under J. Council Parker

Providence County KC, 04/12/97, 1 pt under Mrs. James Canaliza

Rockingham County KC, 05/25/97 1 pt and BON under Col. W. Pede

Central Maine KC, 06/21/97, 1 pt under Beverly Capstick

St. Hubert KC, 07/25/97, 1 pt under Jean Fornier

Providence County KC, 07/26/97 1 pt under Evelyn Honig

Pioneer Valley KC, 08/02/97 1 pt under James E. Noe

Springfield Kennel Club, 05/09/98, 1 pt under Anne Bowes

1st Co. Gov's Ft Grd, 02/21/99, 3pts under Patricia Scales






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