Karen Peak

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Karen (Webster) Peak is Cynthia's oldest child. She started working with her first dog at the age of twelve.

Karen and "Muffin" (Chanty's Blue Willow, CD, CGC) did Obedience, Jr. Show and Pet Therapy together.  Karen and her sister, Elizabeth, also worked with some of their mother's dogs in obedience and occasionally Conformation. Muffin was retired early due to a slipped disc.  In 1993, Cynthia had a litter of sable pups - two of which she had a tough time deciding between.  Well, Karen and her very understanding husband, Doug, took one of the pups who became Can. Ch., UAGI Will O'Wisp Final Frontier, CD, CGC, Therapy Dog.

In 1998, Karen and Doug welcomed Connor Erik, into the Will O'Wisp crew - starting what will hopefully be the third generation of dog folk.  They have since added Sarah Elizabeth (2004).  Karen and Doug decided she would be a stay-at-home mom which allows her to work with her own dogs and pursue teaching dog classes.  Staying at home also gave Karen the opportunity to volunteer with Guiding Eyes for the Blind from 1999 - 2002. Shortlt after Connor was born, Karen opened
West Wind Dog Training and in 2001, developed The Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project.

Karen  is a frequent contributor to the Sheltie Pacesetter, has been interviewed for articles in various magazines and online. She also occasionally writes dog-related articles for various all-breed websites.

Karen chose to take a hiatus from dog competitions due to her husband's work schedule and having to younger children.  In 2008, she began to return to the word of Conformation showing with Foster and Ravyn. However, she began concentrating on UKC showig as they better matched her lifestyle. She hopes to return to Agility and Rally as her children grow.  Connor and Sarah had begun to foray into the world of Conformation and Jr Show. In 2009, the kids began their first adventures into Agility.

Karen also shares her house with cats, guinea pigs, rabbits and a chinchilla.



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