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"VanSan Will O'Wisp Nemesis, CGC, TDI"

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Seven was a 20 month old Great Pyrenees whose family was unable to keep her or her sister. They were returned to their breeder (as opposed to being placed in rescue). The breeder knew I was looking for a Great Pyr and called me about the girls. Seven (formerly named Satin but called Sadie by the kids in the family) was returned in rough condition. First task was renaming her to something with a Sci-fi theme (Seven of Nine from Star Trek "Voyager" and she responded to that far better than she did Satin or Sadie).

She was underweight, needed to have her coat grow back (totally shaved) and had a bilateral ear infection. We had her spayed, microchipped, tattooed and enrolled in classes held by a local dog club for socializing.  Great Pyrs are not Shelties when it comes to the "go get 'em" attitude in the performance rings, but Seven seemed willing to please and a fast study!  (Provided she sees a purpose in what she is being asked to do).

Seven is a doll and attached herself immediately to Connor.

On September 9, 2002, Seven performed her first job as the newest addition to The Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project!  One picture above is demonstrating how to play "turtle" should a dog decide to attack.

The other picture was taken in spring of 2003 - what a difference!

For more on the Great Pyrenees, please visit this page which I was honored to be allowed to help create.  Molosser World Great Pyr page.




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