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Will O'Wisp On Thin Ice, HIC

(click here for pedigree)

"Splash" was homebred by Karen and is co owned along with her mother, Cynthia and daughter, Sarah.   Splash is by Ch Windrush Aynsworth Night Sky owned by Ellen Worthington and from UKC Ch. Will O'Wisp Winter Storm.

At 5 1/2 months of age, Splash saw her first sheep while visiting with Beth. Splash LOVED them and showed a lot of natural instinct. Sadly, Cynthia does not have the local resources for herding. Though Karen hopes to get Splash's herding instinct certificate at some point.

At 18 months Splash left NH and came back to VA to live with Karen and Sarah.  She has been integrated into Karen's dog safety program, The Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project and Sarah has been having fun with her.


Sarah showing Splash in a fun puppy class (UKC show for puppies under 6 months). They went on to take Herding Group firsts in both shows that day for the fun puppy classes.


On June 8, 2013, Sarah (9) and Splash (2) competed in their first herding instict test.  Dogs and handlers are given up to ten minutes to show instinct.  Sarah and Splash have never worked sheep together though as a pup, Beth invited Cynthia to bring Splash to a herding class with her.  Splash enjoyed it.

On June 15, 2013, Sarah and Splash completed Splash's Herding Instinct Certificate.


MDR1 report here - Normal/Normal  - MDR1 - 33792

vWD - SS-VW631/24F-VPI - click here for report

Eyes CERF normal - SS-EYE126/24F-VPI

OFA - SS-19342F31F-VPI - click here for info


Here is her sire's info.

OFA SS15835G24M-VPI, OFA SS-EL429M24, CERF Normal,

vWD SS-VW384/34M, Thyroid Normal SS-TH385, MDR1 Normal/Normal

CHIC #59244

Her Dam is vWD clear by parentage and here is her info.

Ravyn is normal/normal (unaffected and not carrying) the MDR1 gene mutation. 

vWD clear by parentage (sire and dam clear and not carriers)

Eyes - CERF normal - # SS-7352/2009-27

OFA - SS-16764G26F-VPI







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