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I will state, as webmaster, I am not always updated as to how the others in the family are doing. I know Beth is missing various herding events on the pages.  - K


June 16 - Jack took select dog at the GSSSC evening trial.

June 9/10 - Scout, CH StarBright Rocketeer HSAs, qualified in herding started both trials in Berryville, VA Chesapeake Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club's herding trials

Connor, Karen's Son who is Hyperlexic (Autism Spectrum) finished the 2011 show year in the top 30 United Kennel Club Junior Handling program.

As of April, 2012, Jack, CH Will O'Wisp Winter Frost, CGC, is ranked #2 in NH and tied for #3 in VA for 2012 Grand CH points. For lifetime Gr CH points, he is #4 in NH and tied for #10 in VA. He's only been shown as a special a handful of times. Jack is co-owned and co-bred by Beth and Cynthia

Feb 12 - Jack took Best Opposite at the Blue Ridge SSC specialty show

Jan 21 - Phantom took Winner's Dog in West Friendship, MD for two points.


Nov 12 - Splash took Puppy Herding Group firsts both shows 1 & 2 at MidAtlantic Kennel Club's UKC shows, Richmond, VA, handled by Sarah, age 7.

Sept 18 - Jack got his Canine Good Citizen title at Granite State SSC's fall meeting, the CGC tests were part of the activity for the meeting.

Sept 18 - Scout took 3rd place, Starter A course at the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Baltimore Herding Trial

July 18 - Jack too Best Opposite Sex at the GSSSC Specialty under judge Judy Kelsey

June 17 - Jack took Best Opposite at North Shore Kennel Club




Nov 4 - Jack took Opposite Sex at the Tidewater Kennel Club show in VA

Oct 30/31 - Phantom took Best of Winners at both Middleburg KC, VA shows for his first two points.

Oct 23 - Scout got his second HSA leg at Potomac Valley Shetland Sheepdog Club's herding trial.

Oct 23 - Jack finished his AKC Championship at Albany Kennel Club in Springfield, MA

Sept 26 - Jack took point #14 at Northwestern Connecticut Dog Club.

Sept 18 - Scout got his first HSA (herding started leg - sheep) at the SSC of Great Baltimore Trial

Sept 16 - Jack took Winner's Dog at Cape Cod Kennel Club for point #13.

Sept 11 - Jack took Winner's Dog and Best Opposite for point 12 at Carroll Co.

August 21/22 - Jack took Best of Breed and was pulled out for group consideration on Aug 22 and took Best of Winners at Wachusett Kennel Club in FitchburgJack just needs his minor points to finish.

July 1 - Scout finished his PT (herding title) at the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Baltimore's herding trial in Berryville, VA

June 19 - Jack won his second major by going Best of Winners at the Granite State Shetland Sheepdog Club's Specialty.  He only needs minor points to finish,

Star Exponent, part of Inside NoVA, "Interest 'Peak'ed' in Agility Training" May 3, 2010 (sadly, they got the home town wrong but hey!)

This year has started with a bang. March 20, Connor and Sarah were taped showing for a future episode of "Dogs 101" (Animal Planet). At the Central VA Terrier club's UKC show Connor got his second first place in Novice Junior Show, showed Foster to a Best of Breed and Karen showed Foster to a Group 1. Sarah showed Ravyn to a Reserve Champion.  In Show 2, Connor took a second in Jrs and showed Foster to a Reserve Ch.  Karen showed Ravyn to a BOB and a Group 3.  Sarah had fun both shows with Foster in Sub Juniors.


Karen was instrumental in creating educational videos for the Blue Ridge Shetland Sheepdog Club, Granite State Shetland Sheepdog Club and the United Shetland Sheepdog Association. They may be viewed here.

July 23 - Once again, we lost a beloved member of the family.  Cody, our first home bred American/Canadian Ch.  He was 16 in March. Cody was owned by Cynthia.

Cynthia, Karen and Beth were honored in the summer 2009 Sheltie Pacesetter with a tribute. It was lovely to see some of us "little people" who do a bunch behind the scenes recognized.  Thank to you Nancy Lee Cathcart and the Pacesetter!

May 15 - It is with a heavy heart that we mourn the loss of Ben. "AKC Ch, UKC GRCH, UAGII, UCD Will O'Wisp Touch of Frost, CD, OA, OAJ, NAP" He lost a battle with osteosarcoma on May 14. Ben was very much loved by Beth and he will be sorely missed.  Ben had been in the top 10 Shelties in the UKC on and off since 2003. He was a testament to what careful breeding and planning can create. He was also a lovely companion.

March 2009 - Aidan is tied for #6 Sheltie in the UKC for the month.

Feb 27 - March 1 (five shows in three days) Capitol Terrier Association, Aidan finished his Grand Champion including a Best of Breed and a Group 4, he was handled to these last three wins by Karen, son Connor and mother Cynthia. Foster took Champion of Champions for a first win towards a Grand Champion, handled by Connor (age 10) who also got his first Jr Show win in Novice Junior, handling Aidan. Ravyn, was shown to a reserve Champion by Sarah.

Aidan made it as one of the Top Ten Shelties in the UKC for Feb 2009 (handled by Sarah).

Jan 17 - Aidan took back to back Best of Breeds (show 1 & 2) at the Capitol Terrier Assoc. UKC shows.  Ravyn took Reserve Ch both shows as well. Aidan was handled by Sarah. Karen handled Aidan to two Group 4s

Jan 16 - Ben, over 10 years, finished in the top ten for UKC Shelties for 2008!

Jan 11 - Chase took Winner's Dog for two points at Merrimack Valley KC.

Jan 2009 - Karen was recognized by the Blue Ridge Shetland Sheepdog Club for her Sheltie educational video.

FROM 2008

Ben is back in the top 10 UKC Shelties for conformation .

Ben, at age 10 took Best Opposite at the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Detroit Specialty, Nov 28, from the Veteran's Class and finished his NAP (Agility title) the same weekend.

Chilly has another competition win towards his UKC Champion. 

New UKC Champions - The weekend of August 30 and 21, Foster and Ravyn finished  their UKC Champions.

 August 31, Ravyn went Best of Breed and a Group 1 at K-9 Connection from the Puppy Class.

August 30, Foster went Best of Breed and Group 2 on August 30 at K-9 Connection in Beltsville, MD.  Foster was handled by Connor.

July 9 & 10, Jack went Winner's Dog for another point at Lakes Region KC in Hopkinton, NH on the Wednesday show and Best of Winners on Thursday for his sixth point.

June 15, Jack went Winner's Dog at Middlesex County KC for his first major (3pts) from the Puppy Dog 6-9 Class.

June 14, UKC Premiere - Chilly (Will O'Wisp Winter Night) took Best Male for his first Ch win and Ben got at Award of Merit. North Shore KC (AKC), Chase took Reserve Winner's Dog at the GSSSC Specialty. Cody took Best Opposite Sex Veteran's Sweeps at the GSSSC Specialty held in conjunction with the NSKC Show.  He was 15 in March.

May 17, Old Line State United Dog Club, MD, (UKC) Show 1, Ravyn took Best Female and then Best of Winners for her second win towards her Ch. Show 2, Foster took Best Male and then Best of Winners, handled by Karen's son, Connor for his second wins towards his UKC Ch. Daughter Sarah had her first foray into Jr Show in Sub-Junior (ages 4 - 8) handling D'Argo.

April 19, at her show debut, Ravyn took Best Female, Show 1, Mid Atlantic KC in VA for her first win towards a UKC Ch. She was 6 months and 9 days. Foster took reserve male handled by Karen's nine year old son, Connor both shows. Connor also took Ravyn to a reserve female show 2.

April 12, Aidan took Best of Breed and a Group 3 at Rhode Island KC show in Warwick, RI.

April 11, Jack took Best of Breed and a Group 2 at 6 months and two days of age at Providence Co KC in Warwick,  RI.

March 29, 30, Chilly and Holly, two of the pups being grown out in MI with Beth, made their UKC show debut at the Midwest Papillon Association, (whose daughter Megan also made her Jr Show debut in the PeeWee class). Holly took a Reserve BIS puppy and Ben went BOB on Sunday March 30.  He took his classes (GrCH) in both shows on Saturday March 29.

Jan 11, 2008, Chase took WD at Greater Lowell, KC

From 2007

Dec 15, 2007 Foster took a Grp 2 at SBSDA UKC - (nice small show)

Nov 8, 2007, Aidan went Winner's Dog at Cheshire Kennel Club

Sept 2007 Ben was high scoring AKC Ch at the SSCGD Specialty

Aug 2007, Aidan was shown in Canada and has six points towards his Can. Ch.

July 14, 2007, D'Argo completed his Rally Novice at the SSCGB summer trial.

January 20, 2007, Ryker completed his Rally Novice two months shy of his 14th birthday at the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Baltimore.

January 15, 2007, Aidan took Winner's Dog at Merrimac Valley KC in Fitchburg for another point.

January 14, 2007, Chase took Winner's Dog at Merrimac Valley KC in Fitchburg, MA for his first points.

It is with great sadness that we mourn the loss of three of our dogs this past year (2007). Hunter crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 2.  He was owned and loved by Karen and her family. His medical issues were age-related and worsened to the point where he was entering respiratory distress, kidney failure, a return of oral cancer and joint issues. On March 6, 2007 we lost Ryker to Congestive Heart Failure, he was 14 and competing up until the day he passed. He was loved dearly by Karen, her family and all of us. In January, we lost Scooter to cancer. His fight was short but brave. He will be missed sorely by the entire Will O'Wisp crew but most of all by his devoted owner and handler, Beth.  He lost his fight early in the morning of Janury 31, 2007. You may learn more about them on the In Memory page.

Other news

  • Dec 2, 06 Scooter finished his AX with a second place and Scout got his first NAJ leg with a third place.
  • Nov 24, 06 Scooter got his first Rally Adv leg, Ryker (just shy of 14) got his second Rally Nov leg and D'Argo got his first RN leg all at the Springfield Cluster in MA.
  • Sept 16, 06 Aidan took RWD at the SSC of Greater Detroit Specialty.  It was a 5pt major show. 
  • Scout the Terv is now a Champion.  He is Ch #6 of a 9 pup litter.
  • Scooter finished his CDX at the American Shetland Sheepdog Nationals with a 4th place.
  • At the Companion Dog Training Club agility trial in May, "Scooter" got his 5th MXJ leg. Ben (Ch, AGII, UCD,
  • UGrCh Will O'Wisp Touch of Frost, CD, OA, OAJ) "Ben" took BOB at the Mount Pleasant, MI KC show on June 10
  • At the UKC Premier in June 2006 "Ben" took Top Ten BOB. Six of the 2005 Top Ten shelties were present. He also took BOB at the United Shetland Sheepdog Association specialty that was held during the Premier.
  • New Can CH UKC CH Woodland Farm Touch of Blue "Graham" is "Ben's" first champion offspring. "Graham" is co-owned by Colleen Golding and Priscilla Gardner.
  • Aidan has finished his UKC Ch (with three good wins with competition) and is AKC pointed
  • Top 10 UKC - Ben finished up one of the top ten UKC Shelties in 2002 and 2003. Ben is back in the UKC Top Ten again as of June 2006.
  • Ryker was chosen as Jan 2003 cover dog for the UKC Bloodlines!



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